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Like Glo, The Naked Pineapple knows their craft and are experts in their field. This is the foundation that forged our partnership. 

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Danel Michelle Bohemian Couture

Glo Preferred Partner

 My name is Danel Michelle Nickels-Didier and I am a bohemian womens clothing designer + fabricator from Fort Wayne, Indiana USA.

My journey is like the phoenix who rose from the ash.....I have found my voice and connected with my love....and it is my mission to raise the vibration of all girls + women who have ever been abused, bullied, or felt alone to know their worth....their beauty....their love.

Here's my story ~

I practiced law for nearly 12 years motivated by a strong sense of justice since childhood. My career ended abruptly after enduring sexual harassment and severe psychological and emotional abuse from my female supervisor. For nearly 18 months, my supervisor harassed me by saying nasty, ugly things like I looked like a whore and that I should be standing on a street corner somewhere because that was the only thing I was good for.....she also said things like I was so damn dumb, that she didn't know how someone like me could pass school let alone law school. This bullying took me back to a dark place from childhood where I experienced bullying from little girls in kindergarten when I was 5 saying that I looked like a "white nigger" because of my mixed race upperclass girls in high school who physically brutalized me, threatened to cut my face because of my appearance and modeling experiences I had as a teen.

After my law career ended abruptly, I lost nearly everything.....I had no money, no career, no vehicle, no home, and even no hair (nearly all of it fell out from the stress of the abuse). Depression set in as I felt lost and helpless. A silver lining, however, emerged. Through the pain of loss, I reconnected with my love of the arts and found an abundant source of While I could no longer afford to buy beautiful, luxurious clothes anymore, I discovered that I could make them by my own hand. I had kept a wooden chest filled with scrap fabric over the years. I discovered that I had a talent for sewing and making clothes even though I had never been taught how. Out of necessity, I made myself a two piece dress for our friends' destination wedding. I made the dress from scraps and without a dress form......i sewed the dress on my body as I went. From that moment, my business Danel Michelle Bohemian Couture was born.

My business is unique in that all of my creations are singular, one-of-a-kinds. I don't use any patterns.....everything I make comes from my imagination. I drape and hand stitch nearly all of my pieces using animal-friendly fabrics, organic material, and repurposed textiles from thrift stores and my cutting floor scraps.....I have even used curtains hanging in my apartment.💛 Signatures of my creations include raw edges, exposed stitches, asymmetry, imperfections​, and a 3-dimensional lotus flower that I stitch by hand with fabric to adorn my gowns, skirts, and tops.

The lotus is a powerful image that holds profound meaning to me. As the Buddhist proverb says, "the lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest, darkest mud." I incorporate the lotus into most of my pieces as a touchstone to acknowledge the beauty of rising from the darkest places of suffering to realize one's power + strength in spirit. Love drives everything I do. Love is the reason I believe we are here.

Blessed with a childhood rich in love, art, fantasy, and wonder, I grew up in heavily wooded farmland where friends included animals, trees, rocks, plants, flowers, voices in the wind. That profound connection to nature helped define me, my spirituality, and intense love of beauty. After suffering tremendous loss in my life, I reconnected with my bohemian roots and found great healing in creating wearable make clothes that actually mean something.

My latest creations are called the "sacred"..... they are organic cotton blend tees + lotus maxi skirts featuring my own handpainted artwork. My muse for the sacred is an exquisite tree that sits alone and unencumbered in an empty field on the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne Indiana. I paint free hand this sacred tree on the tees and at various angles on the skirt in different dyed hues. This tree represents a powerful message of honoring the sacred of all life + allow each other to live unencumbered, in harmony.

My hope is that every girl who wears my clothing finds her voice...knows her truth.... and embraces the beauty that is uniquely, singularly, extraordinarily her......the muse, the goddess who will inspire love + magic in everyone everywhere she goes.

Peace + Love 💛🌿✨


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You can find me on Instagram under @danelmichellebohemiancouture and Etsy at the link below. 


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