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GLO on the GO

Soirée Everyday

Soirée Everyday

In the words of my beloved, indescribably talented, gravely missed dear little sister.... 

Dear Friends, 

My name is Gail Ward, owner of GLO on the GO.  I know that with a variety of sunless tanning options out there, it may be difficult to decide who to trust with your spray tan.  I would like to take just a moment to explain why I started this business and why you can trust your tan with us. Over 13 years ago I began airbrush tanning.  With skin cancer running rampant in my family, I knew that UV tanning was not an option for me.  My sisters and I were always on the search for the perfect sunless tan.  You name the lotion, we tried it!  While visiting my newly transplanted, Floridian sister, Esther, she introduced me to airbrush spray tanning. This up and coming way of tanning without the harmful effects of UV rays certainly intrigued me. I knew I was not alone in desiring to gain the confidence of a tan without the risk of skin damage. Once home, I put in countless hours of research. I convinced my other sister, Carla, to join me on this new venture. We invested in training and equipment and opened a small airbrush tanning salon in Kendallville, IN. It took work to introduce this new tanning method to the community, but we built a good clientele.  We were very dedicated to improving our technique and products.  

Unfortunately, due to family responsibilities we had to close the doors.  But I missed it! I missed being able to help people that had survived melanoma cancer gain their confidence back. I missed giving brides their wedding day glow and girls getting ready for prom. So in early 2009 GLO on the GO was established in Fort Wayne, IN inside of a salon on the southwest side. I was once again able to provide this wonderful service to my previous clientele and gain a great following in Fort Wayne. This growth allowed me to expand to a new location in April of 2013.
Sincerely, Gail

Owner, Gail Ward


Soirée Everyday

Soirée Everyday

Soirée Everyday

With a little forethought and creativity, you can Soiree Everyday in your home, without a lot of effort.


Why Soiree Everyday? 

By definition, a Soiree is an evening party or other gathering given usually at a private house, especially where guests are invited to listen, play or dance to music. 

I love the intimacy of that; inviting your friends and loved ones into your home and preparing a meal. Sharing time and space to create memories. 


A lot of my entertaining advice revolves around what to do in advance so that the day of your soirée, you’ll be able to enjoy it and mingle as if you were a guest at your own party. If you’re well prepared, handling last minute changes or party-in-process “catastrophe’s” won’t be as big of a deal.

Relax. A party is for everyone, including the host. Here are some words of wisdom from a party planner to make your soirée a little less stressful and a lot more fun.


GLO Everyday

Soirée Everyday

GLO Everyday

The Blending of Our Best 

It took, takes, and will always require a solid team of caring people to run this ship. 

I am SO PROUD of the strong women who graciously, lovingly and unconditionally  give their time and energy to preserving what Gail was so passionate about. 

Working alongside Gail for so many years, I picked up a few things. 

1. Hard work accompanied with a genuine and sincere love for  the people you serve turns them into loyal family members

2. Going above and beyond to care for each person is what keeps our clients coming back 

3. Be a good listener with the aim to learn. Our clients are our educators  as we strive to always improve

4. Ask questions, have fun, be available - all of these things will make a seemingly uncomfortable situation comfortable. 


Gail and I had plenty of conversations about adding products and services that blended with her current line of both. 

Now meshing Glo On The Go with Soiree Everyday you'll be offered all the finishing touches starting with your gorgeous tan and the ability to add all the "icing on the cake" options you can dream of. 


"I am confident that my assistants and I will provide you with a service beyond any other, from beginning to end.  Our main concern is that we help to educate you on sunless tanning and that you leave with the best tan you've ever had! We endeavor to answer any questions you may have. I hope we have the opportunity to see you soon! " 

Gail and Esther